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Camping chairs and camping tables buy cheap at cara-TECH 24

In order for you to enjoy your camping holiday to the full, Cara-TECH-24 provides you with a wide range of camping furniture. In this way you can make your stay on the campsite as relaxing as possible. From camping tables to folding chairs and deckchairs, we offer you selected products in every weight category.

Camping chair, folding chair, deck chair

Do you enjoy the atmosphere of camping, being in touch with nature and sleeping under the stars, but at the same time you do not want to give up comfort? Cara-TECH-24 offers high quality products that allow you to combine nature and comfort. A camping chair, a folding chair or even a deck chair provide the ideal basis for this. Not only can you eat your meals better, you can also prevent back pain. Sitting on the floor or on a blanket all the time causes incorrect posture and limited flexibility. On a camping chair or folding chair, on the other hand, you can enjoy nature in a more relaxed and healthier way.

The deck chair is particularly suitable for resting, sleeping and relaxing. A deckchair also helps you to prevent back problems and enjoy more comfort.

Our camping chairs, high-back folding chairs and chair extensions are compact and easy to transport without taking up a lot of space and are representatives of the absolute top class with breathable mesh covers and frames for every body weight and size.

Camping table / Folding table

In addition to camping chair and folding chair, a camping table or folding table is indispensable for a relaxed camping holiday. The folding table, for example, should be very light on the one hand and very stable and reliable on the other. In addition, the table top must be height-adjustable and thus not only adapt to your body height but also be able to balance without tilting on not so smooth ground. Depending on the number of people travelling with you, we naturally offer different sizes so that you too can find the right folding table or camping table!

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Compressor fridge RC10.4T 70 litres DOMETIC camper 12/24V Compressor fridge RC10.4T 70 litres DOMETIC camper 12/24V

Compressor fridge...

Price €1,172.27

Compressor refrigerator, 70 l with LED display and door with double hinge

  • Cooling technology Compressor
  • With 7.5 l freezer compartment
  • Can be opened either on the right and/or left
  • Quiet night mode
  • Boost function

Net weight 19.5 kg

- no shipping costs -

Westfield outdoors Elisabeth folding chair vintage camping Westfield outdoors Elisabeth folding chair vintage camping

Westfield outdoors...

Price €53.36

Folding chair Elisabeth Vintage

Folding comfort seat with low seat for comfortable lazing around and relaxing.

Loadable up to 120 kg

Weight: 4,1 kg

Camping stool Westfield Stool XL, charcoal grey, up to 100kg load - black

Camping stool...

Price €21.47


Comfort stool with

  • ErgoShell® Technology
  • DuraDore®3D Fibre fabric

The Advancer XL Stool is the most stable stool from Westfield outdoors with a 100 kg load capacity.
Folding size: 66 x 41 x 5 cm

Weight: 1,2 kg       Hersteller Garantie

Color: AG Anthracite Grey

Westfield Focus Footrest, for Advancer Camping Chairs, black Westfield Focus Footrest, for Advancer Camping Chairs, black

Westfield Focus...

Price €37.77

Footrest for Advancer camping chairs, free-standing

Flexible to use and loadable up to 100 kg. The perfect footrest for the Advancer Performance chairs, which can also be used as a stool.

Colour: black

Pack size (L x W x H): 68 x 68 x 7 cm

Weight: 1,5 kg